The Utah Farmer

Henager's Business College


"It is 'plane' that I love you," he began.

"Is that on the 'level'? she asked.

"Haven't I always been on the 'square' with you?"

"But you have many 'vises,'" she remonstrated.

"Not a 'bit' of it," he asserted.

"What made you 'brace' up?" she quieried coquettishly.

"The fact that I 'saw' you," he replied, with a bow.

"I ought to 'hammer' you for that," she answered saucily.

"Come and sit by me on the 'bench,'" he urged.

Suppose the other should 'file' in;" she murmured. "You shouldn't let your arms 'compass' me."

"I know a preacher who is a good 'joiner,' he suggested, and they rushed off for the license.

-- The Utah Farmer, August 28, 1915