NMTC Application, Page One


Total Maximum Points for Part I: 25 points, plus up to 10 additional “priority points” available under sub- sections B and E.

TIP: An Applicant will score well in this section to the extent it can articulate, with specificity, its strategy to use an NMTC Allocation and can describe a strong, relevant track record, including a track record of serving LICs. Included in this section is the ability to earn “priority points” for meeting the statutory priorities of: 1) investing in Unrelated entities; and/or 2) demonstrating a track record of serving Disadvantaged Businesses or Communities. Refer to the NOAA for further information on the statutory priorities

A. Products, Services, and Investment Criteria

TIP: For the purposes of completing the Business Strategy section and all relevant exhibits, Real Estate Activities refers to the development (including construction of new facilities and rehabilitation/enhancement of existing facilities), acquisition, management, or leasing of real estate.
Non-real estate activities refer to all other types of business activities.

TIP: An Applicant will score well under the Products, Services, and Investment Criteria sub-section to the extent that it clearly describes its financial products and will deploy debt or equity capital, or offer products and services that feature more favorable rates, terms, structuring and non-traditional features when compared with market offerings. Please note, these criteria do not apply for an Applicant who intends to use its NMTC Allocation to pursue Financial Counseling and Other Services (FCOS) as their sole line of business.

TIP: The 2015 NOAA states, “as a condition of eligibility for this Allocation Round, the Applicant will not be permitted the use of the proceeds of Qualified Equity Investments (QEIs) to make Qualified Low-Income Community Investments (QLICIs) in Qualified Active Low-Income Community Businesses (QALICBs) where QLICI proceeds are used to repay or refinance any debt or equity provider or a party related to any debt or equity provider whose capital was used to fund the QEI except if: (i) the QLICI proceeds are used to repay documented reasonable expenditures that are directly attributable to the qualified business of the QALICB, and such past expenditures were incurred no more than 24 months prior to the QLICI closing date; or (ii) no more than five percent of the QLICI proceeds are used to repay or refinance prior investment in the QALICB. Refinance includes transferring cash or property directly to any debt or equity provider or indirectly to a party related to any debt or equity provider.”

Why He Misses George W. Bush

"Why I Miss George W. Bush" -- Mehdi Hasan in the New York Times, November 30, 2015:

Minorities matter — in general, if not primary, elections. A study commissioned by the Republican National Committee in the wake of Mitt Romney’s 2012 defeat noted how “many minorities wrongly think that Republicans do not like them or want them in the country.” To be sure, Muslims constitute just 1 to 2 percent of voters in the United States, but in 2000, when the presidential election turned on just 537 votes in Florida, more than 46,000 Muslims in that state voted Republican. In the view of the influential conservative activist Grover Norquist, “George W. Bush was elected president of the United States of America because of the Muslim vote.”

Mr. Bush’s foreign policy may have harmed Muslims abroad, but at home he courted Muslim-American voters and refused to lazily conflate Islam with terrorism. Mourning Mr. Bush’s re-election in 2004, the economist John Kenneth Galbraith remarked: “I never thought I would ever long for Ronald Reagan.” I recognize the sentiment, as I listen to the irresponsible Muslim-hating rhetoric of the current crop of candidates.

I never thought I’d say it, but now I long for the Republican Party of George W. Bush.