Flat Stanley in New York City

When I first got to New York, I stayed in a hotel. It was very fancy, but not very warm. If you click on me you can see a bigger picture of where I stayed. Click on all the photos to see bigger ones.
I am from Minnesota, fortunately, so a little snow and cold doesn't bother me at all!
After a few days, I moved to The Plaza Hotel. I stayed in one of the rooms that has a tiny window sticking out on the roof. Here I am walking in Central Park outside my hotel. The very tall black and white building behind my hotel is where my friends Michelle and Guy used to work.
What are all these orange things in Central Park? While I was visiting, Christo and Jeanne-Claude put a sculpture called "The Gates" in the park.
Everywhere I go in New York there are interesting people to meet. This man was taking his saucer to a hill in Central Park to go sliding. They don't get very much snow in New York City, so when it comes everyone gets really excited.
I also met a ship captain who was visiting the city. He left his ship at the 79th Street Boat Basin on the Hudson River and took a walk to look at the city.
Here is another fellow I met. He seemed very upset.
This woman told me I was free to visit anywhere in the city. She even said I was at liberty to visit the rest of the country.
There are a lot of famous people in New York City. One of them is my new friend, Clint Eastwood. Clint is an actor who lives in California, but he came to New York to shop for shoes. I met him at a shoe store and I helped him decide which shoes to buy.
All this visiting was making me hungry. How about some pizza?
Maybe some sushi or sashimi is what I want.
No, what I want is a bite of strawberry-raspberry cake. My friend Iris invited me to a Red Food Party. It was a party to celebrate Valentine's Day. Besides this cake, we are eating beets, red-skinned potatoes, ham, and cherry gummy worms. Iris is helping me eat the cake.
Iris has a coelacanth in her apartment, and she invited me to take a ride on it. This is a fish that has only changed a little since the days of the dinosaurs. Iris has a coelacanth because her father works at The American Museum of Natural History. This is a fabulous museum where you can see coelacanths, giant sloths, the extinct dodo bird, and lots of other animals, including dinosaurs.
Here I am dancing at Iris's Red Food Party.
Here I am with Michelle, Guy, and Iris near the end of the Red Food Party.
You never know where you might meet interesting people here. Here are some twins I got to know when I visited Coney Island, a part of New York near the ocean. Even though it was very chilly, the twins decided to go swimming. They don't look like they're cold at all!
They are almost identical twins, but not quite. Can you see what the difference is?
Don't worry about my arm. I just folded it behind my back. I had a great time in New York. Maybe you should visit here, too!