Give Me a White

Marion Pinski

I love white
to write
to write my name.
Please give Marion
Pinski a white.
I like to white
because of write my name, I could.
I know how to spell it
I want white to write
my name with.
I like to write my name.
I'd like white, now.
I asked in a nice way.
I love white, I do.
To write, to write
my name, yes.
I got my own money, I do.
Trying to.

-- Marion Pinski, "Give Me a White," in Marisha Chamberlain, ed., Shout, Applaud (St. Paul, MN: COMPAS, 1976); quoted in Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones (Boston: Shambhala, 1986), 63-64.