On What Financial Bill from Russia?


Strangely, neither in school nor at the University I have not met Ivanov or Petrov or Sidorov. This, incidentally, I was amazed even then. Still, I went to seven schools. People with the most common surnames never done in the circle of friends at the Institute where I worked for many years, and then later, in modern times, there was no such entrepreneurs in our little area of technology. Around ran Kuznetsov, Alexandrova, Sergeeva, Vladimirova, Borisova, various others, but no Ivanov was not observed ... The turning point came in the year 2000: now on what financial bill from Russia will not look - everywhere Ivanov signs, in any newspaper in the news at least one Ivanov-Petrov-Sidorov, as noted. Where are they hiding so many years?