Letters to the Church of the Father

Chicago Ill

June 28-58

Dir Sir:

I seen an add in the fate magazine 50 ministers in every state I am interesting in that field would you please give me more information concering of this matter that I may be guided unto the right path of studying with your school.

I remain as ever

Joseph Malky

Chicago, Ill

June 17, 63

Dear Sir:

I seen an add in the Fate Magazine I would like to know more about this before I undertake any matters with you or the school I want to know what I am doing.

I would like to know whether this is just a school or whether its an order and a school if its both thats great I've spent enough money being left out in the cold air didnt know which way to turn with the training I have had from Self Realization Fellowship College Universal Truth The Brotherhood of the Pleroma 9 1/2 years of studying with these three groups and yet I am not in the field of teaching I have a Diploma from Self Realization D.D.M. from College of Universal Truth PH.D. from the Brotherhood of the Peleroma hoping to hear from very shortly

Yours In Divine

Joseph G. Malky

P.S. I am forwarding an air mail stamp

Chicago, Ill.

July 29, 63

Dear Sir:

I received your literature a few days ago and to learn that you are throwing a mental stone towards me after all a person can forget to put the stamp in the letter. I did not do it attentionly.

I am a square person I wouldnt be any thing else but a square person I am what I am not what I was in the past. Since you are a teacher I wouldnt have to say that you are not that is for you to decide that you are not a teacher which I feel that you are and have been also in your past life. Sir I would rather not have to much to say

Yours In Divine

Joseph G Malky

P.S. I am always doing some thing different I never put my address in my letter it is a habit I formed I always place my address on the envolpe the same when I was fighting I fought differently I mean in the ring I created a new type of boxing and became very famous with my beautiful right.