Graflex Graphic 35 Manual

Pages 1, 36 (cover, front and back)

Pages 2-3 (table of contents)

Pages 4-5 (film loading)

Pages 6-7 (the shutter)

Pages 8-9 (self-timer, cable release)

Pages 10-11 (double exposures, setting aperture)

Pages 12-13 ("Red-Dot Setting" and "Push-Button Focusing")

Pages 14-15 ("Visi-Ready Focusing" and depth of field scale)

Pages 16-17 (taking the picture, advancing the film)

Page 18 (removing film)

Page 19 (indoor flash photography)

Pages 20-21 ("Spectramatic" flash settings)

Pages 22-23 (guide numbers for flash photography)

Pages 24-25 (film speeds, suggested shutter speeds)

Pages 26-27 (flash settings, "Graflash" for Graphic 35)

Pages 28-29 ("Graflash" batteries and bulbs)

Pages 30-31 (picture taking tips, filters)

Pages 32-33 (camera care, accessories)

Pages 34-35 (accessories, specifications)