Letter to Rick

Hi Rick --

Looking forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving Holiday. Nice that your bringing (having) Bob for Thanksgiving too.

Enclosed are 2 pcs. of your mail.

Forgot to tell you on the phone call last Sunday that I went to see + hear Artie Miller and his Dixieland Five in the Main Hall in Snug Harbor last Friday nite. They were great but I really felt that if you were drumming it would have been better. The drum solos left me flat. The electric bass clarinet, xylophones + pianist were terrific. The old man playing piano use to play with Artie Shaw. The xyl. player was at least 55 + the other 3 were young men. Really felt like singing along (but didn't remember the words) + getting up to dance the Peabody.

See you soon --



P.S. -- Dentist appt. Friday, Nov. 27 at 10:30 AM. Bring Insurance forms.