Malleville and Phonny go out to take a walk. Rule of polite society. Talk about Beechnut. Malleville's mistake. Phonny greatly amused.

The stage. Parcel for Phonny. Description of the package. The address of the package. Opening it. The cord. No knife. The box. Beechnut's note. Phonny reads it. Ribbon. The rest of the note. The pocket-knife. Blades. Phonny's note. The bandages. Phonny reads his note.

Phonny and Malleville set out to go home. Somebody comes. It proves to be Caroline. Talk about the party. Mary Bell. Her mother sick. The children show Caroline the presents. Malleville likes her presents. More talk about the party.

Phonny tries his knife by cutting a fishing pole. Two boys a fishing. Rodolphus. Pole wanted. Bargain for the fishing-pole. Six lilies. Malleville carries home her box. Proposed visit to Caroline.

The knife and the excursion-box. Carrying a luncheon. Description of Mr. Keep's house. The summer-houses. The hall. The office. Plans for playing in the office. A school. Bronk and Eldoranda. Caroline's instructions to her scholars. Phonny is to write a letter. The safe. Uncle Ben. Account of the safe. Phonny begins his work. Caroline takes her place in the arm-chair. The clock. The minute-hand. A visitor. Conversation with the client. Phonny is tired. The time expires. Phonny begins to read his letter. Phonny's letter. Caroline is pleased with it. Phonny folds up his letter.

Caroline's white horse. Talk with Mr. Short. Letter left on the table. Malleville's difficulty. Malleville goes back to the garden. Caroline proposes to have some raspberries. The tin mug. The rustic table. Supports. Preparations made by Uncle Ben.

The feast. The raspberries and cream. Conversation. Plan for a walk. The excursion-box. The winding path. Mr. Keep's letters. Phonny's letter gets sent to the post-office. The path leading into the woods. The waterfall. Talk about the brook. Malleville's questions.

A fox! A fox! Phonny's disappointment. Description of the shore. Phonny and the dog. The boys in the boat. The boat lands. The children pass over a wall. The walk. The dog in the boat. Romantic pathway. Rocks and precipices. Climbing places. The tall ferns. Dew. Caroline's opinion. Low places. The cart-path. The cove. A grotto. Overhanging rock. The boat again. The boys pull the boat up upon the land. The boys hurry away. Their warning.

The children look up at the sky. A shower coming. It thunders. Drops falling. Breezes. The lightning strikes a great pine-tree. Pouring rain. Children terrified. Caroline's composure. Black cloud. The chain-lightning. Perplexity about getting home. A discussion. Plan of going home in the boat. The children go down to the boat. Plans for turning up the boat. Fruitless efforts. The children get a pry. New difficulties. They succeed in turning over the boat. Differences between a paddle and an oar. Advantages of oars -- of paddles.

Malleville's rowing. The children set off in the boat. Slow progress. Malleville's observations. Great rock. The snake! Disagreement. Slow and toilsome progress. Caroline proposes to land. Malleville's provisions. Seats on the stones. Caroline's drollery.

Eating supper. Plays. Phonny's flag-staff. A handkerchief for a flag. Sail-boat coming. Phonny's surprise. Conversation with the mill-men. Taking in tow. Caroline and her party have a sail. The village. The line cast off. Boat adrift. Fears of going over the dam. The landing. Boat secured.

Going into the mill. Shoes dry. Rodolphus in the mill. He borrows a wagon. Mrs. Keep's anxiety. Her conversation with Mr. Keep. Mr. Keep's composure. The children come home. Beechnut in Boston. His plans for going home. A curious calculation. The omnibus. The boy in the omnibus. Beechnut's poetry. The boy looks out at the window. Beechnut goes down State-street.

The post-office. The interior of the post-office. The delivery. Mode of applying for letters. The column. The woman comes. Ladies' window. The lady gets a letter. Beechnut's mode of calling for a letter.

Beechnut is astonished and alarmed. Beechnut takes a hack. Conversation with the hackman. Beechnut at the hotel. Settling the bill. Driving about town. The depot. Checking the baggage. Beechnut assists a stranger.

Checking the trunks. Beechnut's adventures in getting home. The boy refuses to go on. Beechnut in difficulty. Beechnut determines to wade through the water. His various preparations. His staff and umbrella. He finds a shelter. The farmer. The rain ceases.

Beechnut astonished to see Mrs. Henry's house standing. His mode of getting in. Truth and fiction. Phonny comes to see the valise opened. The skates. Strange mistake. Beechnut's surprise. Phonny takes the skates. Talk about the party. A new delay in respect to the party. Reason for it.

Livingston and Wallace arrive. Livingston's appearance. Livingston and Beechnut. The rocks and precipices. Invitations to the party. Plan of the party. The hall. Objects of interest in it. Receiving the company. The children go into the hall.

Books and playthings. Annie Linn and Ellen. Wallace and Livingston. They go to the swing. Order. Ellen puts back the playthings. The rocking-boat. Some account of it. Rocking in the rocking-boat. Livingston's observations. His inquiries. Augusta on the sun-dial. Questions about Ellen Linn. Livingston's walk with Augusta. He finds Ellen. Conversations with Annie. The broken image. Annie's disappointment. Ellen's decision. Livingston's doubt and perplexity.

Ellen puts up the playthings. Livingston talks with Annie. Proposed walk. Annie gets leave to go and take a walk. Coaxing. Annie gives Livingston a great deal of information. They come to a gate. The winding path. Livingston finds a curiosity for Annie. Livingston and Annie are called to supper.

Arrangement of the supper-room. The children assemble. Pouring out tea. Caroline. Susan. The silver vessels. Augusta and Anne. The cake is carried around. Enjoyment of the children. The children assemble in the hall to play. Scene on the piazza. Moonlight. An outcry. Vain efforts to quiet Augusta. Beechnut comes. Beechnut's sudden interposition. Its effects. Beechnut's talk to Augusta. Augusta is quieted. Beechnut carries Augusta back.

A call upon Beechnut for a story. Beechnut consents. Seating of the audience. The carving of the cow. The children assemble in the hall. Annie's cow. Mrs. Keep comes to bid the children good-night.

Wallace and Livingston at home. Their conversation about Caroline. Livingston's reasoning about his father's property. Livingston's plans of life.

Beechnut begins the story of Jasper. Doubt about the farmer's name. Mr. Woodsman's house and farm. Great rain. Description of the fording-place. Bad road. Great white rock. Jasper's opinion about crossing. Mr. Woodman's plans about crossing the river. He reaches the island. He attempts to go on. Plans. He enters the water. Jasper takes the bridle. They are all carried down the stream.

Mr. Woodman escapes. The horse and dog escape. Jasper manages well. He comes in sight of his master. Philological discussion. Jasper forms a plan. Jasper attempts to induce the horse to swim. Jasper's reason for gathering sticks. Phonny's inquiries. Mr. Woodman waits patiently. Jasper concludes to go home. Jasper's adventures at the farm-house. Jasper contrives to put some bread in a basket. He is in difficulty. His contrivances. He drops the basket out the window. Beechnut finishes the story of Jasper.

Livingston and Wallace take a walk. Caroline and the pony. Caroline announces an intended expedition. The plan explained in full. Invitations. Caroline arranges all the details. She proposes to invite Beechnut. The plan approved. Caroline's conversation with Mrs. Henry. She goes to find Beechnut in the woods. Conversation between Caroline and Beechnut. Beechnut informs Caroline about her namesake.

Beechnut makes a proposal to Mrs. Henry. He goes to the barn. Phonny and the windmill. A ride in the wagon. Another wagon coming. A narrow escape. Beechnut's opinion. Phonny gets new ideas. Going to the mill. Beechnut finds Rodolphus at the mill. A conference. Rodolphus can not go. Beechnut goes to see Mr. Linn. Benny. Mr. Linn's consent. Plans for the next morning. Phonny calls to tell Caroline of the result.

Beechnut gets his breakfast at an early hour. Rodolphus and Ellen set out. Ellen's good-bye to Beechnut. General arrangements made by the party. Phonny mounts the horse. He rides forward. Livingston's conversation with Caroline. Livingston puts the chaise top down. He puts it up again. Talk in the chaise. The top to be put down again. Another change still.

Wallace and Mary Bell. Caroline is thirsty. Plans for getting water. Attempts to overtake Phonny. A race. Phonny does not dare to get off his horse. He rides away. Adventure at the farm-house. The tin dipper. Livingston does not succeed. His chagrin. He reports to Caroline. They drive on. A new proposal. Disagreement between Livingston and Caroline.

Arrangements for going up the mountain. Occurrences on the mountain. The party descend. The party of boys. Livingston stops to talk with them. Caroline's threat. Mr. Clarendon gives her an invitation. Caroline's manoeuvering. She gets into the carriage. Her intentions. She determines to make Livingston yield. Exchange of salutations. Livingston alone. Caroline loses her place entirely. Ellen's mistake. Livingston and Ellen ride home together.