Mouth Sustains Some Chipping in the Area


This 27" lanky limbed,boudoir bed gypsy doll was originally a smoker, I believe. Someone has replaced the original cigarette with a new one made of a toothpick. His mouth sustains some chipping in the area of the cigarette. Interestingly, he comes with a music box and a guitar. The guitar was made in Czecko-Slovakia and is dirty and damaged. Strings and keys(?) are missing from the wooden neck and the tin belly portion is soiled. The music box which rests inside the body of the Gypsy does not work, though occassionally when he reclines on his back, the music will play. Gypsy himself is also quite damaged. His head is falling off his body as his cloth body has become worn and is in the process of tearing. Please note the tears to the back of Gypsy's neck and to his torso. I have "bandaged" him in gauze to prevent further straw from falling out. Gypsy's darkly painted buckram face is also dented and sustains soil. It appears that portions of his face may also have been repainted in pinky tones. His left cheek and chin are dented. Gypsy does retain his original "Belgian Red" mohair wig though! It remains fairly full. His mitten shaped hands are also in worn condition, particularly his thumbs. I believe that his Bohemian clothing is original, though that too may require laundering. Gypsy is missing his original leatherette shoes. Gypsy is quite an intriguing and romantic figure as he strums his guitar. However, he will require major restoration. Please study the photos carefully and email with all questions.