Steve Litt on Windows-to-Linux conversion — including good advice and assistance for transforming ugly Windows filenames (like Copy (3) of My Letter.DOC) so that they can more easily be manipulated at the command line. Also tips for batch-converting DOS text to Unix text. Archives of alt.msdos.batch.nt at Google Groups. SpinRite data recovery utility. The Ultimate Boot CD. Memtest86. Aida32 system information utility. BitTorrent. Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years. Establish a direct connection (parallel or serial cable) between two computers running Windows. An introduction to GNU Screen. Some shell scripting tricks (pushd, popd, etc.). GNU utilities for Win32. It’s a DOS Life — includes links to a lot of proprietary DOS software. DOSBox is an alternative to DOSEmu that was built with games in mind, but WordPerfect runs, too. Better than in DOSEmu? SDF Public Access Unix System. A Debian 2.6 Kernel HowTo.