The US Constitution, heavily annotated, at the University of Chicago Press. A collection of historical anarchist texts. Patrick O’Brian sites: The Gunroom and Maturin’s Medicine. A lace of hyperlinked words at Blather. Bluebook, a legal citation stylesheet. Worldofquotes.com. Garret Hardin’s “Lifeboat Ethics: the Case Against Helping the Poor” (1974). “With his blue ox, Emily Dickenson, Walt Whitman traveled across young America and helped the nation grow into the angry powerhouse it is today.” Wikipedia.


Faces of the Fallen: dead American soldiers. Coalition casualty report at cnn.com. Another at lunaville.org. Costofwar.com. Peter Bergen on Laurie Mylroie’s influence on the decision to go to war. The Guardian’s Iraq timeline: 7/16/1979 to 1/31/2004 and 2/1/2004 to the present. Empire Notes weblog. More Iraq weblogs: Baghdad Burning, Back to Iraq, Salaam Pax and Raed, Juan Cole, Healing Iraq, and Kevin Sites. See also Sistani.org. The Institute for War and Peace Reporting’s Iraqi Press Monitor. See also The Iraq Blog Count.


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