A FAQ on linking databases to, another FAQ with answers about specific databases, and links to external resources addressing these issues, all at OpenOffice, ODBC, and MySQL HowTo (PDF). Using Microsoft Access databases in Rick Morris asks “are there any good reasons to choose PostgreSQL over MySQL?” and answers “yes.” Buy Database Design for Mere Mortals by Michael J. Hernandez. MySQL Gotchas and Why Not MySQL? Yet another PostgreSQL vs. MySQL review. How to relate tables and databases with MySQL using phpMyAdmin. phpMyEdit — a phpMyAdmin alternative? The MySQL Manual.

Knoppix Linux Tricks

A script that allows the Knoppix CD to achieve LAMP with a MySQL database stored on a USB stick. A package that allows the CD to access a bundled copy of phpMyAdmin and a test PHP website. A Knoppix Samba FAQ. Using update-rc.d to add services on boot (this is also useful). Use /etc/init.d/ to start the odd hardware driver or other processes. A script and a package list that are both helpful for apt-get-removing clutter from a hard-disk installation of Knoppix. Three discussions (one, two, three) on sorting out problems with mounting removable media. Godot’s Debian/Knoppix page. Klik installs key software to Persistent Home. Apt-get and dpkg tutorial and links. Configuring /etc/apt/sources.list using any number of mirror sites.


The Text Encoding Initiative: “TEI is an international and interdisciplinary standard that helps libraries, museums, publishers, and individual scholars represent all kinds of literary and linguistic texts for online research and teaching, using an encoding scheme that is maximally expressive and minimally obsolescent.” Jeffrey Veen on accessible design, with links to examples. Position Is Everything: a CSS site with an emphasis on designing around browser quirks (good links, too). CSS column layouts compatible with Netscape 4.x (and more here, too). How to use CSS to make line spacing consistent when using superscript and subscript characters. Design Detector pulls an extreme CSS stunt.