Protests: Africa

"Anti-War Protests Sweep Africa" (BBC, 3/23/03):

Other developments across Africa:

  • South African President Thabo Mbeki, whose country has been a prominent opponent of attacks on Iraq, expressed regret, saying the war "is a blow to multilateralism".
  • The United States has shut its embassies in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.
  • Nigeria says some of its citizens have been recruited to fight for Iraq against US-led forces and are preparing to leave.
  • Eritrea, one of two African countries to join Mr Bush's "coalition of the willing", said it did support the war but added that it was not directly involved in the actual conflict.
  • Ethiopia said it had offered the United States the use of its airspace and also landing rights, as requested by the US in relation to the Iraq war.
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu said the attack on Iraq was an "immoral" war in which America was abusing its power.