A Company of People in Hats

Last visit all the usual tourist attractions of San Francisco, I missed. Do not see Golden Gate, not riding on the cable tram, was not the 39 pier. All this I have to fix it. There will be a red bridge illuminated at night, and cocoa in the famous Chocolate Girardelli ( "Say Gear-ar-delly" teaches us to read a compound word poster on the wall), and fish soup poured directly into the half round loaf of crunchy bread, and roaring, roaring sea lions 39 pier. And still the main attraction of San Francisco - is the spirit of the beautiful madness, which then spilled into the streets and fills everyone who dare to move one of the bridges over the bay.

Here was a company of people in hats, shirts with rolled up sleeves and trousers with braces. Who are they? They come to dance swing? Always well dressed? Towards the group of five people in hats are a group of three men in caps.

That swept procession of scooters with the most insane things attached to my helmet, closed the procession of the peasant with a sidecar for dzhoglinga. In a wheelchair, two loud speakers screaming babies - Music announces the entire quarter. Beggar's shop shakes and incendiary mug like mad under this accompaniment.